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1 by Storm-Kitt
just random things i drew tonight
I might keep the lamb thing i don't know 

also the top right belongs to FLUFFY-Dapple-Kitteh 
Rei painting?? by Storm-Kitt
Rei painting??
I'm trying to learn how to paint but I didn't like how it looked lineless so I added some lines?? it looks bad I don't know but I haven't really been posting anything so here you go
TBS : Mien : South Region Hunter by Storm-Kitt
TBS : Mien : South Region Hunter
finally a new reference for my now-grown-up baby! I changed his design (I hope that's okay - I didn't really like his old one), and gave him new and improved (hopefully?) accessories uvu

General Information

Name: Mien
Gender: Male
Age: 17 months || 1 year and 5 months

Region: South
Rank: Hunter
    Past: Kit, Rookie
Rookie: -

Companion: None

    - Blue bow with a blue geode as the center; Kendra gave him the geode when they went exploring together
    - Necklace that he wears on his tail; holds all of his ability stones.

Elemental Information

Element: Water
Ability stones: 3/6
Skill: 3/10 (not very good, needs a lot of improvement)
Energy Points: 15
Abilities: || Tail Whip || Water Walking || Water Horse ||
    Tail Whip || Any || 2/5 || Description - The user's tail becomes coated with whatever element they possess and whips their opponent with it.
    Water Walking || Water || 0/5 || Description - Allows the user to walk on water. It is for getting away from the user's opponent without getting wet (for it slows any cat down usually) ... or to show off.
Water Horse || Water || 3/5 || Description - Mostly a show-off move for adolescents, this allows the user to create a shape out of water. Most cats first start out with smaller animals like fish or rabbits, but eventually, with enough practice, they can create larger animals like deer or even horses!

    Mien was given Tail Whip upon graduation. At 10 months, he was given Water Walking. Received Water Horse upon graduating to his full rank.
    He isn't particularly good at using his Element.

Physical Information

    Body Type: Pretty short. Lean.
    Fur: Dark gray tabby with a light undercoat.
        4/10 |●●●●○○○○○○| Rough
        5/10 |●●●●●○○○○○| Dry
        8/10 |●●●●●●●●○○| Smooth
        5/10 |●●●●●○○○○○| Soft
        Short |●●●●○○○○○○| Long
    Maintenance: Always groomed
    Height: Short
    Weight: Average
    Scars/Disabilities: None
    Noticeable Features: Bright blue eyes, stripes under eyes, small paws
    Scent: Smells of the forest.

Bullet; Green - Strength || Bullet; Yellow - Average || Bullet; Red - Weakness

        Strength||Bullet; Red||●●●○○○○○○○||3/10
        Speed||Bullet; Green||●●●●●●●○○○||7/10
        Accuracy||Bullet; Yellow||●●●●●●○○○○||6/10
        Tactics||Bullet; Red||●●○○○○○○○○||2/10
        Stamina||Bullet; Yellow||●●●●●○○○○○||5/10
        Defense||Bullet; Green||●●●●●●●○○○||7/10

        Smell||Bullet; Green||●●●●●●●●●●||10/10
        Sight||Bullet; Yellow||●●●●●●○○○○||6/10
        Hearing||Bullet; Green||●●●●●●●○○○||7/10
        Touch||Bullet; Yellow||●●●●●○○○○○||5/10
        Taste||Bullet; Yellow||●●●●○○○○○○||4/10
        Swimming||Bullet; Red||●○○○○○○○○○||1/10
        Fishing||Bullet; Yellow||●●●●●●○○○○||6/10
        Medical Knowledge||Bullet; Red||●○○○○○○○○○||1/10
        Tree Climbing||Bullet; Green||●●●●●●●●○○||8/10
        Rock Climbing||Bullet; Yellow||●●●●●○○○○○||5/10
        Night Vision||Bullet; Red||●●○○○○○○○○||2/10
        Chasing||Bullet; Green||●●●●●●●●○○||8/10
        Stealth||Bullet; Green||●●●●●●●○○○||7/10


Bullet; Green"I'll help you!"- He tries to help everyone and his intentions are almost always good-willed. He's most likely to be smiling any day of the week and is very optimistic. He tries to convince others to always think on the bright side of things.
Bullet; Red"What does that mean, Sairen?"- Mien doesn't know a lot about a lot of things, resulting in him being awkward in possible relationships. He gets flustered really easily and panics when cats flirt with him. Embarrassing him is about as easy as breathing.

Bullet; Green"Come on! It's sunny today!"- He's usually on his feet and doing something, whether it's playing around or actually doing something productive. He doesn't like laying around and being lazy all day, and generally bugs the cats who do until they get up to do something with him.
Bullet; Red"The kits can sleep later.."- He loves to play with kits, as they often enjoy games, but kits also sleep a lot more than he does. Enough said.

Bullet; GreenNot very many positive things to be said about being gullible other than it may give a good laugh to others.
Bullet; Red"Orange, orange, orange. It still doesn't sound like gullible to me."- Mien believes pretty much everything he's told and tries to take it seriously, although he isn't very serious overall. It makes him really easy to sway and is a complete push-over.

Bullet; Green"Okay, then. I'll do it."- Though many cats view submissive behavior shameful, if you're obedient, you're submissive in a way. Mien is no different, and he follows rules and orders to the best of his ability. He's also very respectful of authority.
Bullet; Red"Y-you don't have to yell at me.."- He gets frightened when others raise their voices at him or when they get angry, and he backs down really easily in arguments and fights. He'd never even think about think about holding a higher rank or being a Warrior.

Bullet; GreenNot much to say about this one in a positive matter.
Bullet; Red"The sun is a ball of fire, right? Won't it burn out, then?"- It's not too prominent and doesn't affect his life too much, but he isn't the brightest cat in the world. He's bad at tactics, too, which is another reason why he would never make a good leader. It helps with him being gullible.

Bullet; Green"It's okay! I'm still here."- He makes a good shoulder to cry on because he's present a lot of the time. When he makes a friend he tries to keep them as close as possible.
Bullet; Red"Wait, don't go! Please?"- He's overly attached to people. It gets pretty annoying and he can get sad if they don't talk to him for a while, automatically assuming they don't want to be friends anymore. Mien also looks up to his older brother a lot and tries to spend a lot of time with him.

**Subject to change by roleplay


Orientation: Panromantic demisexual
Likes :

    Father: Monarch ll Fire Elemental
    Mother: Isis ll Light Elemental
    Siblings: Sairen ll Light ElementalThistle ll Light Elemental
    Other: Jharain ll Psychic Elemental (cousin)

Name||Bullets||Rank||Element||Number||Thoughts||OOC (optional)
:bulletgreen: Friends 
:bulletpink: Crush
:bulletred: Love (three: mates)
:bulletyellow: Scared of
:bulletwhite: Unsure/acquaintances
:bulletorange: Respect
:bulletblue: Sad about (in some way)
:bulletpurple: Family
:bulletblack: Dislike
(the more bullets, the stronger that thing is)
South Region:
   Sairen ||:bulletgreen::bulletpurple::bulletpurple::bulletorange::bulletorange:|| Leader || Light || 1 || "He's my brother! He's super cool, and he's nice to me, and he's really strong, too! He seemed to have been made Leader really fast, though, so I don't know if he's going to be very good... Not that I'm saying he's bad! But, you know what I mean? Maybe he's just not ready yet." || Mien admired Sairen a lot, and has a lot of respect for him. Mien treats Sairen like he's a lot older than him, but they're from the same litter.
  Jharain ||:bulletwhite::bulletpurple::bulletgreen:|| Tamer || Psychic || 1 || "Jharain is my cousin. I think that means that his mom or dad is my mom or dad's sister or brother, so that makes us related. Confusing, I know. He's really nice and he's super relaxed about everything. He said someday he would help me get a Companion, and I'm really looking forward to it!" || Mien doesn't really know his cousin all that well, but he has a very positive opinion about him.
   Hester ||:bulletwhite::bulletorange:|| Hunter || Water || 1 || "She was my Guide! She was a little strict, but she taught me really well. I'm sorry for all of the trouble I caused her when she tried to teach me how to use my Element. I guess even the best teaching can't cure a big lack of talent..." || Note : We've never actually roleplayed the two, but considering she was his Guide, I thought she had to have something in his relationships.
   Kendra ||:bulletgreen:|| Warrior || Psychic || 1 || "The pretty stone I wear on my neck was given to me by her! She's really strong, and she kept exploring with me even after she hurt her leg real bad. I wish I could be as strong as her." ||
   Diablo ||:bulletwhite:|| Warrior || Dark || 1 || "We walked to the mountain together once. He seemed nice, but that was really the only time I've talked to him. I've seen him around camp and stuff, though, and he seemed nice then, too!" ||
West Region:
   Freya ||:bulletwhite::bulletwhite:|| Healer Rookie || Water || 1 || "We only met once! She was a little mean at the beginning, but she eventually played with me. We played in the mud! It was fun. I would really like to see her again!" || 
   Cricket ||:bulletwhite::bulletwhite:|| Searcher Rookie || Nature || 1 || "When I was chasing butterflies (that means I was hunting, in code) and she made me catch mice. But then we played Fox and Mouse! That was fun, at least." ||
        2 ||:bulletgreen::bulletgreen:|| "We got to talk a lot when the Westerners stayed with us! But then Sairen kicked them out.... I wish he hadn't done that. They weren't really hurting anyone, were they? I helped her get a really cute Companion named Patches! I wanted to keep him, but I think she needed him more. After all, I am in charge of her heart, and I say that she needed a Companion!" || Mien really likes Cricket, though he thinks she's a bit difficult at times. He considers her to be one of his closest friends, despite mostly only talking to her when the West Region stayed in the South. He wishes he could talk to her more.
   Fortunata ||:bulletyellow::bulletorange:|| Warrior || Ice || 1 || "She saved me from a terrifying beast that wanted to eat me, once! You'd think that that would make me like her, but she was really scary, you know?" ||
North Region:
East Region:
   Fiorella ||:bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletgreen:|| Tamer || Psychic || 1 || "She was super duper nice! She had a really cute Companion, but it was kind of scary. But I forgot what its name was... Anyway, Fio was really nice! She was nice." ||
   Aiden ||:bulletwhite:|| Warrior || Fire || 1 || "Who would've thought that you could make pictures with clouds? Aiden, apparently! It was kind of boring, but it was a little fun, at least. He told me a really sad story. I hope he feels better." ||
The Followers:


    Mien was born to two loving parents. Isis, his mother, was a sweet tempered Light Hunter. She was relatively young and silver pelted with bright blue eyes. She had many friends, traveled in many circles, including one with a black tom Monarch. He was a cocky Fire warrior, but kind, and completely infatuated with Isis. He followed her around constantly, she elected to ignore him most of the time. His friends found it particularly humorous to see him so dejected. He even went so far as to mope around hoping to get some sympathy from the pretty silver tabby, but no dice. She continued to regard him as she had for so long, secretly glad he was leaving her alone. Eventually, Monarch was talked into getting back to his usual self, before this girl he was trying so hard to prove something to, and went on his usual way. It wasn't until he was back doing what he was supposed to do that she took notice. He was strong, and good at what he did, when he was actually doing it. Monarch was surprised when she actually started talking to him. The rest was quick work. They were relatively young and eager to be in relationships, and were both well liked among the clan. The next year, Isis was expecting kits. Her pregnancy was healthy, if not filled with a bit of anxiety. She was often found chewing her paws late at night and most times had trouble sleeping, but the birth was a quick one, She had three kits, two small sons, and a daughter, the eldest of the three was named Sairen, and had the silver pelt of his mother with black stripes, while the younger son Mien, was a darker grey tabby. Thistle was the last born, she was a silver tabby just like her mother, with the fiery eyes and a charcoal tail, like her father.

(adapted from TeachMeToLearn's application)

    His kithood was rather normal and uneventful. He played games with his littermates, bothered the older cats, and slept a lot. When the freckle on his paw showed up, his parents were a little surprised that he was a Water Elemental, inherited from one of his grandparents. His two siblings were both Light Elementals. Either way, he was excited and cherished the little dot of color until it disappeared. Until he was made a Rookie, he continued his life normally. He did sneak out of camp one or two times when his brother did, but never on his own, and never got into much trouble. One day he went out of the camp with his brother in search of the Stone and spent most of the day with him, gathering whatever rock caught his eye and adding it to the pile, until they got caught and were brought back to the camp.
ugh I really can't think of anything else to write

What Mien would train as was an obvious choice. He had loved Hunters since he was a kit. Upon graduation he was given Tail Whip, which took him quite a while to master it. While he was attempting to figure out his first, his brother and his sister were moving on to their second or third. He felt a little left behind, but didn't give up. Finally, after 4 months, he was able to achieve another ability stone. Water Walking was easier to master, and soon he was walking along the rivers and lakes of the Southern lands everyday. Despite being a Water Elemental, Mien was pretty bad at swimming and relied on Water Walking to get him across water, since he couldn't swim. However, as he was learning to use it, he often fell in and had to be rescued.
    On the other hand, Mien was doing very well in hunting. What he lacked in Elemental power he made up for in what he was training to be, and being an optimist, he shrugged off his 'disablility' and focused on hunting and playing more often than practicing his Element, for better or for worse.
    More to be written through roleplay.


    Plot Meme
Gemstone/Art Tracker:
   Found here
    Clear days with a breeze
    Day time
    Being judged
    Being left-out/not understanding the topic of a conversation
    Mean cats
TBS : embarrassing by Storm-Kitt
TBS : embarrassing
Mien kept quiet as he followed Hester back to camp, his fur still damp and clinging to his body uncomfortably. She had stopped lecturing him, at least, but he wasn't sure if she was angry or worried anymore. It hadn't been that big of a deal, right? He was okay, so everything should be fine.

Only about an hour previous, he had been trying to fish with his Guide and had fallen into the water. Unfortunately, Mien didn't seem to have an instinctive ability to swim, like some Water Elementals seemed to have, and he almost drowned. It would have been easier for Hester to save him had they not been in an area with a pretty fast current. Luckily, she was able to jump in a little further down the river and pull him out, half-drowned. He got quite the earful of being careful, and not being so relaxed around water if he couldn't swim. After he had coughed up what felt like the entire river, of course. He had also been promised that he would be taught to swim immediately after necessary precautions were taken, and he was excited to learn, despite being a little shaken at the idea.

When they arrived in camp, Mien kept his head down and looked at his paws, embarrassed at how he looked. He was still shaking slightly from being to scared of dying from his own Element's natural form, and his fur made him look ridiculous. Trying not to look at anyone who was lounging in the camp, he busied himself by thinking of what his Guide meant by precautions. Not coming up with any decent ideas, he just opted to follow her. She led him straight to the Leader's den. Flattening his ears, he wondered if he was going to be demoted to a Kit again, or something. After all, what could a Water Elemental who couldn't swim do for his Region?

He waited silently, feeling his face heat up uncontrollably while Hester explained what happened. How had he even slipped? Was he usually that clumsy? Mien tried to hold back nervous laughter as Damien (I think that was the old Leader's name?? I forgot already throw me off a bridge) looked at him. 

"Well, from what I've heard, you've finally mastered Tail Whip, so I suppose this isn't a hand-out. You've earned this, Mien, in more ways than one," the Leader said with a slight smile. He pushed a familiar looking stone towards him. Mien flinched at the jabs made at him, then nodded, feeling tears start to well up in his eyes. It was so embarrassing! Not only had he taken so long to master one spell, he only really earned his second by almost drowning. Accepting the Water-signed Stone, he tried out the spell, finding it pretty easy to activate. He didn't doubt that it would be harder to keep up on the water, though.

"Thank you," he squeaked nervously, nodding and getting to his paws. Hester had already left, so he scurried out of the den and looked around for Hester, hoping to get started early on his swimming lessons.


This takes place before the drought, so don't mind the water, haha
Sorry if either Hester or Damien(??????) are out of character ;_; I couldn't find Damien's reference, so I didn't know how to make his act??? Oh well


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