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adopts by Storm-Kitt
just don't look at them too long and you eyes will be spared
i'm trying to draw people now and i don't think it's going too well unu;

1 2

1 - pumpkin dress girl?? 80 points

2 - witch son and demon cat and floaty purple things?? also 80 points
also i might keep this one?? so i guess it's on hold until i decide

these prolly won't sell but it was more for practice than profit anyways so
TBS : embarrassing by Storm-Kitt
TBS : embarrassing
Mien kept quiet as he followed Hester back to camp, his fur still damp and clinging to his body uncomfortably. She had stopped lecturing him, at least, but he wasn't sure if she was angry or worried anymore. It hadn't been that big of a deal, right? He was okay, so everything should be fine.

Only about an hour previous, he had been trying to fish with his Guide and had fallen into the water. Unfortunately, Mien didn't seem to have an instinctive ability to swim, like some Water Elementals seemed to have, and he almost drowned. It would have been easier for Hester to save him had they not been in an area with a pretty fast current. Luckily, she was able to jump in a little further down the river and pull him out, half-drowned. He got quite the earful of being careful, and not being so relaxed around water if he couldn't swim. After he had coughed up what felt like the entire river, of course. He had also been promised that he would be taught to swim immediately after necessary precautions were taken, and he was excited to learn, despite being a little shaken at the idea.

When they arrived in camp, Mien kept his head down and looked at his paws, embarrassed at how he looked. He was still shaking slightly from being to scared of dying from his own Element's natural form, and his fur made him look ridiculous. Trying not to look at anyone who was lounging in the camp, he busied himself by thinking of what his Guide meant by precautions. Not coming up with any decent ideas, he just opted to follow her. She led him straight to the Leader's den. Flattening his ears, he wondered if he was going to be demoted to a Kit again, or something. After all, what could a Water Elemental who couldn't swim do for his Region?

He waited silently, feeling his face heat up uncontrollably while Hester explained what happened. How had he even slipped? Was he usually that clumsy? Mien tried to hold back nervous laughter as Damien (I think that was the old Leader's name?? I forgot already throw me off a bridge) looked at him. 

"Well, from what I've heard, you've finally mastered Tail Whip, so I suppose this isn't a hand-out. You've earned this, Mien, in more ways than one," the Leader said with a slight smile. He pushed a familiar looking stone towards him. Mien flinched at the jabs made at him, then nodded, feeling tears start to well up in his eyes. It was so embarrassing! Not only had he taken so long to master one spell, he only really earned his second by almost drowning. Accepting the Water-signed Stone, he tried out the spell, finding it pretty easy to activate. He didn't doubt that it would be harder to keep up on the water, though.

"Thank you," he squeaked nervously, nodding and getting to his paws. Hester had already left, so he scurried out of the den and looked around for Hester, hoping to get started early on his swimming lessons.


This takes place before the drought, so don't mind the water, haha
Sorry if either Hester or Damien(??????) are out of character ;_; I couldn't find Damien's reference, so I didn't know how to make his act??? Oh well

TBS : Race by Storm-Kitt
TBS : Race
I hardly even bother with titles anymore OTL 
I should just do numbers or something ;_;

Mien and Kendra racing! This is actually an on-going roleplay, but I need to get stuff posted now, haha

TWG : (Quality) Sibling Time by Storm-Kitt
TWG : (Quality) Sibling Time
I guess it would be more enjoyable if they weren't being forced to clean out stinky nests, ya know //glare at ebs


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