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The weather in the West Region had left Gwen with a cough, and every day she spent working in the territory, the more smoke she ended up breathing. Her lightly colored paws were stained black from soot, and she didn't bother cleaning them until the problem was solved, since she would only end up having to clean them again. And despite her intense longing to have a day of rest in the relatively clean and safe camp, she was out on a patrol again. She turned her gaze from looking in the direction of the South Region to Cronan, who was walking directly in front of her. Her Rookie, Draco, was behind her, and Zylen was to her right a little ways.

According to Cronan, they were to hunt. Gwen wasn't a Hunter, but she knew how to catch a squirrel or two. Her Guide had taught her the basics of hunting, and she was glad he had, because she ended up hunting for herself a lot when she spent entire days away from camp on explorations. Cronan came to a stop and directed them to split up. Gwen nodded and headed South, raising her muzzle to take in the scents of anything nearby. Unfortunately, she got a whole lot of smoke and burning wood and a whole nothing of prey. Letting out a frustrated growl, she decided to rely on her best sense, her vision. Heading over to a bush to sit under and wait, she crouched down and shuffled under the remains of the plant. A tree had fallen on its back end, so just the front remained, giving her enough cover to hide from prey.

Perking up her ears, she heard her Rookie, Draco, heading off with Zylen. She wasn't sure where Cronan had gone, but she didn't particularly care. She brought her attention back to hunting, focusing her eyes on a wide section of the ground in front of her hiding place. Bringing her movement to a stand-still, she attempted to become part of the scene. Sure enough, her method worked and soon she saw a mouse scurry out from under a singed plant. It stopped in the open space in front of her own bush to pick up a seed. Stalking forwards, Gwen remained as silent as she had been before, preventing her presense from being noticed. When she was close enough, she pounced on the small rodent, breaking its neck with her paw as she landed. With a purr, she picked up her catch and headed back to where she had split off from the group. The mouse wasn't that impressive, but it was more than she had caught before, for most of the prey was retreating elsewhere with all the fires going on. Upon reaching her destination, Gwen listened for any signs of the rest of her patrol. It sounded like they were all still somewhere else in the territory, probably still hunting. Quickly burying her prey, she decided to hunt for a little longer while she waited.

Being alone gave her a lot of time to think, so she let her mind wander. Naturally, the first thing she thought about was the weather phenomenon. It didn't seem very natural, but Gwen wasn't a very strong believer in the Regions' lore, so that was the most logical explanation to her. Of course, she liked to keep her options open, so she didn't really reject the idea of the weather coming from some other force. But the fires' cause didn't change the fact that the forests were thinning and the plats were dying, and that the air always smelled of smoke and tasted sour, and that the ground was blackened in some areas. It didn't change the fact that a lot of prey died in the fires, and that most of the living animals were fleeing the area. Gwen sighed; the weather really wasn't very enjoyable. She longed to be able to spend the day in the North, where there was snow, or maybe in the East, where there was rain. Even the South would do, despite being hot and dry, at least it didn't smell of smoke. The thought of the South brought her thoughts to Jharain, who was becoming a pretty good friend of hers. She wondered how he was faring in the South's weather problems. Bringing her attention back to hunting, she perked up her ears and honed in her senses, waiting for a disturbance in the ambient sounds of the forest. Whipping around at the sound of a rustling bush, she dropped into a hunting crouch and moved towards the sound, the smell of a squirrel eventually drowning out the smells of fire. Leaping at the now visible tail, she hissed as it disappeared under the bush. Giving chase, she jumped the bush and followed the tree-climbing rodent through the sparse forest, never letting it get further ahead than it already was. Eventually she gained on it a little and she pounced again, missing by a claw-length. The time it took her to land and recover gave her quarry enough time to dart under a bush. Letting out a low growl, Gwen stopped her chase and looked around. She had come a lot further than she had thought. It would be quite the walk to get back.

She was about to turn around and head back, since the rest of the patrol would probably be waiting for her, but she noticed something in the distance. There was a lot of smoke rising from one area. She sighed, knowing it was another forest fire, and turned around. She heard a branch rustle above her and a nut fell at her paws. She looked up and saw a gray-brown body hop to another tree and hissed at it. Squirrels loved to taunt their hunters if they escaped. What shameless animals. Gwen took a few steps before a sound reached her ears. It sounded like a voice, but someone talking wouldn't sound that distant. She looked towards the source, recognizing the voice as Cricket's, barely, and was puzzled. She was on a patrol pretty far away from where Gwen's patrol was. Sure, she had come a long way, but she shouldn't have been able to hear her talking, even from where she was. Quickly making a map of where she was in the Region and approximately where Cricket was, she decided that she only would have been able to hear her if she had screamed, shouted, or yelled. Considering the weather and the smoke coming from that direction, she was a little unnerved. The Dark Elemental turned away slowly, deciding that even if they were in danger, she couldn't do anything to help them on her own. Reporting her suspicion to Cronan would be the best solution. Setting herself at a fast pace back to her patrol, she weaved through the burnt forests of her Region at a fast jog.

When her patrol came into view, she sped up to a run and stopped in front of them. Finding where she had buried her prey, she returned to them and dropped it on the small pile they had made. It looked like Cronan had caught a blackbird, and the team of Draco and Zylen had caught a vole. With Gwen's mouse, it made a decent amount of food, but they could have done better. She listened to their idle talk for a moment before looking at Cronan. "Hey, Cronan. I was chasing a squirrel and I got pretty far away, and I heard Cricket's voice. She must have been yelling or something, and there was a lot of smoke rising from that direction. I think they might be in danger," she said, instantly killing the conversation. The patrol's gazes followed hers to where the pillar of smoke billowed out of the blacked woods, rising into the sky and looming above them.
TBS : Sounds of the Inferno
Activity Check for Gwen! I hope you're all okay with me using your characters.
If the ending goes against anything plot wise, please tell me to change it!

Cheebs by Storm-Kitt
new chibi style?? idk
I had two more on there but I didn't like them so here you are
also idk about duchess' design
I don't like her old one but I don't know if I like this one either ugh
TBS : Nicodemus' Plot Chart by Storm-Kitt
TBS : Nicodemus' Plot Chart

Notes : Always (preferred)
Comments : Sorry, no
Chatrooms : If our schedules work out
Skype : Ask

G / E : Yes
PG : Yes
PG-13 : Yes
R / M : Maybe


**REMEMBER: Your cat won't recognize Nicodemus at all (if from another Region), and he just joined the North! This may influence how your cat feels about him on first impression.**

Just Sit Still!
Requirements : Any Region || Any Rank || Any Element || No extra requirements
Nicodemus comes across your cat while they're injured, and offers to help. Your character either tries to refuse or is a fussy patient, earning some irritation from Nick. Could go a lot of ways.
Possible Outcomes
Friendship gained
Animosity gained
Trust gained
Slots : 2/2
Taken by :

Requirements : North Region || Any Rank || Any Element || Preferably not a Warrior, but not required
Your cat happens upon Nicodemus while he's near the edge of the Region, looking at the stars. Your character joins him and asks what he's doing. Reactions may depend on how their personalities mix.
Possible Outcomes
Friendship gained
Trust gained

Shelter in a Storm
Requirements : Preferably North, but East could work, too || Any Rank || Any Element (preferably not Fire or Lava) || No extra requirements
Just as a storm is starting, your cat and Nicodemus meet each other. They find a place to wait out the storm, and Nicodemus gives them some warmth with Rock Heater. They have some time to talk before the storm is over. This could go pretty much anywhere.
Possible Outcomes
Friendship gained
Familial relationship gained
Love interest gained
Animosity gained
Slots : 1/1
Taken by :

Falling Stars
Requirements : Any Region || Any Rank || Any Element || Optimistic
Somehow your character meets Nicodemus near sunset and convinces them to stay and look at the stars with them. They see a shooting star and they talk about it (maybe about making a wish or something), and Nicodemus calls it a falling star. Your cat tries to convince him that it's a shooting star, not a falling star, and that calling it a falling star is kind of depressing.
Possible Outcomes
Friendship gained
Small argument ensued
Slots : 0/1
Taken by : SozinThis with Akarui

Curiosity Killed the Cat
Requirements : Any Region || Any Rank || Any Element || Stubborn, preferably
Your cat tries to ask about Nicodemus' past, and despite him refusing to talk about it, they pester him. Depending on your character's personality, it may just be an angry remark from Nick that ends it, or it may turn into a fight.
Possible Outcomes
Respect lost/gained
Animosity gained
Slots : 1/1
Taken by :

Just This Once...
Requirements : Any Region || Any Rank || Any Element || Likes to have fun
Your cat convinces Nicodemus to do something fun with them. Pretty loose idea, could go anywhere.
Possible Outcomes
Friendship gained
Slots : 1/2
Taken by : Eleven1ND160 with Kyn

Requirements : Any Region || Warrior or Warrior Rookie || Any Element || No extra requirements
Nicodemus meets your cat, who is a Warrior, or training to be one. He's scared of/uncomfortable around them, and depending on your character's personality, an argument, fight, or him getting over his fear could happen.
Possible Outcomes
Animosity gained
Injuries gained/sustained
Trust gained/lost
Slots : 1/1
Taken by :

Suggestions are welcome! If none of these interest you or work well with your character, feel free to come up with something!

Note : All "possible outcomes" and italicized words are just ideas, so don't feel restricted.

Nicodemus by Storm-Kitt

General Information

Name: Nicodemus
        - Dem
        - Demus
        - Nick
        - Nico
        - Doesn't really care what you call him
Gender: Male
Age: 10 months || 0 years and 10 months

Region: North
Rank: Healer Rookie
    Past: Kit, Rogue/Traveler
Guide: None
    Past: N/A
Rookie: N/A

Companion: None

    -Collar made with an ability stone and red leather
    -Ankle brace with an ability stone and red leather
    -An ability stone tied to his tail by red leather(Until he gets another Ability Stone)

Elemental Information

Element: Lava
Ability stones: 2/4
Skill: 7/10 (Has had a good amount of experience, but could do better)
Energy Points: 12
Abilities: || Burning Paws || Rock Heater ||

    Burning Paws || Lava || 2/5 || Description - Causes the user to melt anything their paws tread on, like for example, ice in the winter if it's causing much trouble for the Regions. This move can also scald an opponent in an act of defense, but that is the only time one is allowed to use such a spell in combat.
    Rock Heater || Lava || 1/5 || Description - The user heats up a rock/the ground. Useful for winter, where the weather is harsh and cold compared to the warm winds of summer.

Future Abilities:
        || Burst || Scorch Whip || Burning Drip || Ashes to Ashes || Molten Rock ||

    Nicodemus was given Burning Paws by his father during his time as a Traveler. When he began his training back in the Regions, he was given Rock Heater upon graduation.

Physical Information

    Body Type: Slightly below average. Thin, but not scrawny.
    Fur: Calico. Cream-colored with a light, dusty brown and orange. Striped.
        3/10 |●●●○○○○○○○| Rough
        2/10 |●●○○○○○○○○| Dry
        6/10 |●●●●●●○○○○| Smooth
        7/10 |●●●●●●●○○○| Soft
        Short |●●○○○○○○○○| Long
    Maintenance: Usually groomed
    Height: Below average
    Weight: Slight below average
    Scars/Disabilities: Across his right eye, on his muzzle, on his right shoulder, his left hind leg, and a torn out claw on his front left paw.
    Noticeable Features: Calico fur, scars
    Scent: Mainly of a mixture of herbs

Bullet; Green - Strength || Bullet; Yellow - Average || Bullet; Red - Weakness

        Strength||Bullet; Green||●●●●●●●●○○||8/10
        Speed||Bullet; Yellow||●●●●●●○○○○||6/10
        Accuracy||Bullet; Green||●●●●●●●●○○||8/10
        Tactics||Bullet; Yellow||●●●●○○○○○○||4/10
        Stamina||Bullet; Yellow||●●●●●○○○○○||5/10
        Defense||Bullet; Red||●●○○○○○○○○||2/10

        Smell||Bullet; Green||●●●●●●●●●○||9/10
        Sight||Bullet; Red||●●●○○○○○○||3/10
        Hearing||Bullet; Green||●●●●●●●●○○||8/10
        Touch||Bullet; Yellow||●●●●●○○○○○||5/10
        Taste||Bullet; Yellow||●●●●●●○○○○||6/10
        Swimming||Bullet; Green||●●●●●●●○○○||7/10
        Fishing||Bullet; Red||●●○○○○○○○○||2/10
        Medical Knowledge||Bullet; Green||●●●●●●●●●○||9/10
        Tree Climbing||Bullet; Green||●●●●●●●○○○||7/10
        Rock Climbing||Bullet; Yellow||●●●●●●○○○○||6/10
        Night Vision||Bullet; Red||●●○○○○○○○○||2/10
        Chasing||Bullet; Yellow||●●●●●○○○○○||4/10
        Stealth||Bullet; Red||●●●○○○○○○||3/10


Alert:|| He learned to be ready for anything all the time when he lived outside the Regions. Without a Region to protect his back, he learned to do it himself. He's very skeptical about others and is sometimes a bit too keen on being ready for attack. Borderline paranoid.
Brave:|| He has always been a brave cat, since his siblings moved away and he had less competition growing up. He became a bit bolder and was able to stand up for himself. He doesn't have many fears.
Adamant:|| Nicodemus is extremely stubborn and hates it when others try to change his mind about something. He doesn't take orders too well, but is working on accepting his place.
Pessimistic:|| He seems to rain on the parade a lot and doesn't look on the bright side of things very often.
Reckless:|| He doesn't think about what he does before doing it very often. He's a bit clumsy and ends up breaking things. Despite training to be Healer, he's quick to jump into battle, and can be a bit on the violent side.
Bitter:|| Since he grew up practically alone, he isn't very good at socializing and usually likes to be alone. He tends to be grumpy and doesn't do well in large crowds. He gets a little uncomfortable and jumpy. His default mood is unhappy.
Short-tempered:|| He's easy to upset and gets angry pretty easily, which only feeds his antisocial nature. It doesn't help his recklessness, either.
Impatient:|| Probably not the best thing for a Healer, Nicodemus isn't very patient. He knows he has to be, though, and is trying to get used to it.

Good traits:|| Brave, true to his word, alert, strong
Neutral traits:|| Adamant, determined
Bad traits:|| Reckless, short-tempered, pessimistic
**Subject to change by roleplay. Will probably get more positive traits later.


Orientation: Homosexual (closeted)
Likes: no one Dark fur, blue eyes.
Dislikes: everyone White or calico fur, yellow eyes, tabbies, Lava Elementals
    Current: None
    Past: None

    Father: Roark ll NPC ll Earth Elemental ll Traveler/Rogue
    Mother: Osmatine ll NPC ll Lava Elemental ll Traveler/Rogue
    Siblings: Candice, Fir, Adam ll NPC ll Earth/Lava Elementals ll Travelers/Rogues


Bullet; White ll Neutral
Bullet; WhiteBullet; White ll Acquaintance 
Bullet; WhiteBullet; WhiteBullet; White || Not sure
Bullet; Green ll Friend
Bullet; GreenBullet; Green ll Good Friend
Bullet; GreenBullet; GreenBullet; Green ll Best Friend
Bullet; Blue ll Pity
Bullet; BlueBullet; Blue ll Sympathy
Bullet; BlueBullet; BlueBullet; Blue ll Remorse
Bullet; Purple ll Guide/Rookie
Bullet; PurpleBullet; Purple ll Family
Bullet; PurpleBullet; PurpleBullet; Purple ll Relative by choice/adopted
Bullet; Pink ll Platonic/Familial Love
Bullet; PinkBullet; Pink ll Inseparable (friendship)
Bullet; Yellow ll Interested in / Nervous
Bullet; YellowBullet; Yellow ll Suspicious / Scared
Bullet; YellowBullet; YellowBullet; Yellow ll Untrusted / Terrified
Bullet; Red ll Crush
Bullet; RedBullet; Red ll Love
Bullet; RedBullet; RedBullet; Red ll Mate
Bullet; Orange ll Respect
Bullet; OrangeBullet; Orange ll Admire
Bullet; OrangeBullet; OrangeBullet; Orange ll Idolized
Bullet; Black || Dislike
Bullet; BlackBullet; Black ll Hates
Bullet; BlackBullet; BlackBullet; Black ll Loath
Black Rose || Dead

Name ll Rank ll Element ll Bullets ll
    1 ll Thoughts
    2 ll Thoughts

Bullet; WhiteNORTH REGIONBullet; White

Osmatine ll Traveler ll Lava ll Bullet; BlackBullet; BlackBullet; Black Bullet; YellowBullet; YellowBullet; Yellow Bullet; PurpleBullet; Purple ll
    1 ll She's my mother. I can't ever forgive her for everything she did to me and my family. She was never much of a mother to me.
Roark ll Traveler ll Earth ll Black Rose Bullet; OrangeBullet; Orange Bullet; BlueBullet; BlueBullet; Blue Bullet; Pink Bullet; PurpleBullet; Purple ll
    1 ll He was the best cat I've ever met. He was enough of a parent to make up for Osmatine several times over. I wish he had survived to come back to the Regions with me. I'm sure the North would have welcomed him back.
Iorek ll Leader ll Ice ll Bullet; Orange Bullet; WhiteBullet; WhiteBullet; White ll
    1 ll He's our Leader. He let me into the Region, so I guess I owe him for that.
Joann ll Adviser ll Water ll Bullet; Orange Bullet; White ll
    1 ll I can't say I really have an opinion on him. He's our Adviser.
Glendower ll Healer ll Air ll Bullet; Orange Bullet; White ll
    1 ll I haven't really met her yet, but she's going to be training me until we get another Healer, or until I graduate.


Nicodemus' father was a Crafter from the North, but his mother was a Warrior from the West. They met under bad circumstances, when Roark had accidentally crossed into West territory. Osmatine chased him out, leaving Roark with a scar on his nose to remember it. The next time they met was at a gathering between the Regions, and Osmatine was in a better mood that day. They ended up chatting for a little while before announcements started. After that, they seemed to run into each other a lot more. They started meeting up in the Neutral Territory to talk, until one day Osmatine told Roark she would be leaving the Regions. She had never particularly liked her life in the West Region, and she had always been more of an independent cat, so she didn't really fit in with her Region and didn't have many friends. Roark said he would go with her, and the next day they went missing. They did just fine living on their own, just the two of them, and they decided they would be able to support kits; three months later, Osmatine gave birth to four kits.

Life as a Traveler
The litter was originally three kits, all of which were healthy and strong. A few days later, Nicodemus was born as the runt of the litter. He was smaller than his littermates, but he didn't seem sickly, so Osmatine and Roark continued to care for him. Candice, his only sister, was dark brown, like his father. Fir was mainly a chocolaty color with a white splash on his chest. Adam was white and brown, a mix of both parents. Nicodemus looked most like his mother, inheriting her tabby markings, and ended up with a couple orange patches from her calico pelt. His siblings grew up a lot stronger than he did, and he often missed meals because his littermates got to all the food before he did. He was a rather weak kit and his mother began to despise him, as Travelers couldn't support the weak without a Region to help them. Osmatine was a very strict cat, and often came off as cruel and apathetic. She was a strong believer in discipline, which she distributed for every blunder made by any of her kits. Roark was kinder and liked to praise the kits rather than lash out at them, so naturally Nicodemus and his siblings grew attached to Roark more than Osmatine. As the kits grew up, they began to notice that their parents argued a lot. Roark had a lot more morale than Osmatine did, and Osmatine seemed to be getting crueler and less understanding the longer they were together. Her discipline became harsher and she started to harm her kits in order to teach them. Most of Nicodemus' scars came from these incidents. When he was 4 or so months, his siblings had already begun training with their parents and were planning on living on their own soon. Nicodemus was still the weakest out of them, but Roark was patient and had started to teach him how to hunt and fight. At the age of 8 months, Osmatine lashed out at his siblings during one of their battle sessions, resulting in them getting into a heated argument about cruelty and going over the top. The three of them left together the next day, taking two of Osmatine's Ability Stones and one of Roark's with them, one for each of them. With Nicodemus being the only one of their kits left, he began to get more food and better care, primarily from his father, since Osmatine wasn't the motherly type. Once he started getting proper care without competition, he started to get a little stronger, so Roark began to train him more vigorously. He proved to have a knack for fighting, and was able to keep up with his dad's lessons easily. He wasn't so good at hunting, but he managed to get by. Eventually Roark convinced Osmatine to give one of her Ability Stones to Nicodemus so he could start learning how to use his Element. He was almost 9 months old at the time, so it would have been about time for him to start. He ended up getting Burning Paws, which was useful for getting through a normal day as a Traveler. Osmatine had started seeing another cat, and soon enough she returned home expecting kits; ones that weren't fathered by Roark. Fascinated by the process of creating life naturally, Nicodemus attempted to touch his mother's belly. Turned out she wasn't very fond of being touched. She struck him, beginning an argument between the three of them. Roark had a problem with Osmatine having two mates, Nicodemus had couple scratches on his muzzle to be angry about, and Osmatine was as temperamental as usual. Before long, claws were out. Osmatine started a fight with Roark, deciding that the best way to solve the issue. He had never been the best fighter, since he had grown up a Crafter in the Regions, and Osmatine easily overpowered him, as she had been trained as a Warrior. The fight ended when Osmatine ripped Roark's main Ability Stone off of his necklace and smashed it. Nicodemus distinctly remembered watching the life drain out of his father in an instant, crumpling to the ground without a hitch. Osmatine then sent her son off to go live on his own. With one mate dead, she had another family to tend to, and she wasn't compelled to support the runt of her first litter for the rest of his life. Nicodemus watched his mother walk off with her tail high, then began to bury his father.
The day after he buried his father, he woke up in his makeshift nest next to his grave. He had decided to head for the Regions. His father had told him and his littermates stories of them, and how much he loved living there, growing up in a place full of cats who considered you a friend and helped you when you were sick. Nicodemus knew better than to try to live on his own, since he had never been very good at hunting and got sick pretty easily. He wouldn't live too long if he tried to continue the lifestyle he was living then. Taking only his Ability Stone and a strip of red leather his father always wore tied around his paw, he set out south, where his parents had journeyed from before he was born. Other than the direction to go, he had no lead, but he saw it as his only option. The trek wasn't terribly long, only about a month and a half, so Nicodemus was able to survive the way there. He was a little worse for wear by the end of it, but he had made it. With no clue what to expect, he ventured into the territory. All the snow was a little overwhelming, and he couldn't exactly say that he liked the stuff. There had been a little bit of it when he was born in the mountains, and he was never fond of it. He liked warmer weather. A little discouraged, he continued into the territory for a little while before being found by Northerners.

Nicodemus was promptly attacked upon entering the Regions, and he fought back until he was knocked off his paws and pinned down, outnumbered. He was questioned at the point of a claw, and he answered as vaguely as possible, wishing to speak to whoever led the cats. Eventually he convinced them to take him to their camp, where he was greeted with stares from the surrounding Region members. Irritated, he tried to ignore them as he made his way to the den he was told to go to. There he met Iorek, the Leader of the North Region, who he explained who he was and how he got there to. When he was done with his story, he asked to be allowed into the Regions. His last request was that Iroek didn't share his past with the Region, for personal privacy. Considering the snow that was upon them, and what had happened to him outside, he agreed to let him in, as long as he began training and obeyed orders. He got a briefing on how the Regions worked, and gave Nicodemus his options. He could train to be a Warrior, Searcher, Hunter, Tamer, Crafter, or Healer. He immediately rejected being a Warrior, as he knew that was what his mother had been. He then decided not to be a Crafter, either, since that was what his father had been. And despite wanting to remember Roark, he didn't think he could follow in his dad's footsteps. He was a bit too reckless and violent to be a Tamer, which was a more peaceful profession and would require patience from him. He thought that it sounded boring, anyways, along with being a Searcher. With only two options left, he chose Healer, because it was the exact opposite from what his mom had been. He really didn't care for treating the sick or the injured; at the time, he only wanted to spite Osmatine. He already had an Ability Stone, which would usually be given to him when he became a Rookie, so some confusion ensued. The result was Nicodemus receiving an Ability Stone anyways. He got Rock Heater, which he couldn't help but feel cross about, since he considered it to be useless. Seeing as there was only one Healer in the Region, he became her second Rookie until her first Rookie graduated. Due to living outside the Regions and having to walk to the North, he was older than the usual Rookie, starting his training at 10 months old.


Gemstone/Art Tracker:
Likes: Spring and autumn, squirrels (favorite prey), being alone, mountains, small spaces
Dislikes: Snow, rain, crowds, fish (least favorite prey), the West Regions, Lava Elementals
Fears: Any further damage to his main ability stone, Warriors
Dreams: Be a great Healer to spite his mother, eventually settle down and retire with a mate
Secrets: What happened before he joined the North
Other: His sterile since he's a calico, the accessory he will wear on his tail is made with the leather his dad used to wear wrapped around his paw.


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lol, okay! thanks. it's like forever away, but I'm still planning.
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I stumbled across your art and let me say that it's really lovely, but I also saw that you had an interest in Warriors and was wondering if you'd check out a roleplay group;
We accept almost anyone as long as they read the rules and how to join journals (here). We can't wait to see your character!

Thanks for considering! owo)/
KRYWARRIOR Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2014  New member Student General Artist
:000 thank you huggles wubbles
you're so kind :0
Storm-Kitt Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No problem <3
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